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  • 2023.01.24magazine
    Medi-EYE is introduced in the "How-to Book for Nursing Education and Practice Using ICT".

Medi-EYE is introduced in the book "How to Use ICT in Nursing Education and Practice" edited by Dr. Sumai, Professor of Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Shubun University, in Chapter 1, "1-3 ICT in Nursing Education" (written by Dr. Ishii, Department of Nursing, Ichinomiya Kenshin University).

Contents (transcribed from the URL below):: Nursing education is undergoing major changes after the coronary disaster.
Nursing education is undergoing major changes after the Corona Disaster. This book is designed to support nursing education teachers by providing information on how to use information and communication technology (ICT) in education and expanding the scope of their classes.

This book incorporates the author's experience in ICT education and the latest findings on ICT in nursing education, and provides content on nursing education and practice with an eye toward the Corona Disaster and After Corona. In addition, the book provides easy-to-understand explanations from a legal perspective on copyrights, personal information, portrait rights, and privacy, as well as other important points to keep in mind when introducing ICT.

Even those who have given up on ICT because they are not comfortable with it can create ICT teaching materials by using their own applications and following the procedures in this book. Use this book as a reference to create a hybrid classroom format.

Reference URL: https://www.kinpodo-pub.co.jp/book/1929-4/