Split & Share

Split & Share Service Overview

What Is Split & Share?

Split & Share is a slide sharing service for nurses.

  • I need to prepare slides for a study session but I don't have enough time.
  • I want to study with slides created by experts.
  • I made slides for a study group, but I want lots of people to see them.

Have you ever wondered why? We have launched this service to meet the needs of such nurses in the field.

  • Eligibility

    Account registration is required.
    Membership is limited to medical universities, medical colleges, medical graduate schools, medical professionals, and We will limit the registration to medical universities, medical colleges, medical graduate schools, medical professionals, and related parties who cooperate with our web site. After registering for an account, you can purchase slide uploads and slides.

    To register, click here How to register an account

Service Delivery Method & Fee Structure

  • This service is for members (membership registration is free).
  • The service consists of people who provide slides ("content") and people who purchase content.
  • For those who contribute content, we offer a small gratuity (receipt is optional). In addition, if you provide us with content One content per content provided. You can freely download one content per content provided.
  • Content purchases are charged on a per-content basis
    (1,100-1,980 JPY including tax). The price is listed for each service. Prices are based on the number of pages.

※Content purchased through this service may not be used for commercial purposes.The purpose of use is only for training and study sessions for non-profit purposes and for self-improvement.
Please read the Membership Agreement as well.


Payment by bank transfer only.

Please make payment by the designated payment deadline date.

1. Decide in advance which e-mail address you would like to use to register an account 2. Register an account by clicking on our Split & Share "New Registration" button. Click here to register 3. You will receive an invitation to register at the e-mail address you entered on the temporary registration page (if you do not receive the e-mail, please check your spam folder) 4. Please check your registration details and complete the registration process. ※You can change the information you have entered in the "My Page".