“Medi-EYE is an educational electronic medical record ideal for nursing practice and training.”

  • “Real”

    Gather information from medical records. By making assessments, the nursing process is experienced in a manner equivalent to real clinical practice. Realistic time lapse is reproduced by setting the date of hospitalization and the date of the hospitalization progress.

  • “Simple”

    Medical records operate over the web browser. No special software installation is required. Available immediately after account registration. The medical record system is updated as needed.

  • “Wealth”

    Fictitious patient charts created by Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. It has a volume of information at a level close to clinical practice, and can be used in a variety of areas, exercises, and practical training. Simulated cases are added as needed. 80 cases are available for all areas (as of July 2022).


  • “Freedom”

    Preset simulated cases can be modified and added independently for each account. A dedicated Excel sheet can be downloaded, edited, and imported into Medi-EYE. New patient data can be created and added. It is also up to you to set up study assignments.


Introduction of linked services

F.CESS nurse
In conjunction with Medi-EYE, the program not only allows students to write nursing care plans and nursing records for simulated cases and provide guidance on student submissions, but also includes an e-portfolio function.

The Challenge of Smart Nursing Education We want to develop better nursing professionals and improve the quality of on-the-job training. But our curriculum is overcrowded, and it's difficult to strike a balance between education, practice, and research. We constantly hear such concerns from nursing faculty members. We thought about what we could do to respond to such voices from the field of education. F.CESS nurse realizes high-quality on-site training in busy nursing education settings.

Examples of facilities with Medi-EYE

administrative divisions of Japan
Facility name


Tokyo University of Health Sciences

St. Luke's International University

Jouchi University

Kyoritsu Women's University

National School of Nursing

Tokyo University of Technology

Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Tokyo University of Home Economics

also Japan Red Cross University of Nursing

Chiba prefecture

Seitoku University

Chiba Prefectural University of Health Sciences

Kanagawa prefecture

Atsugi College of Nursing

Yokohama Soei University

Saitama prefecture

Tohoto University

Saitama Prefectural University

Tokorozawa College of Nursing

Ibaraki prefecture

Ibaraki Kitanishi College of Nursing

Mito City Medical Association College of Nursing

Shizuoka prefecture

St. Christopher's University

Aichi prefecture

Aichi Prefectural University

Mie prefecture

Mie Prefectural College of Nursing


Kyoto Advanced Institute of Science

Kyoto Tachibana University

Kyoto Koka Women's University

Hyogo prefecture

University of Hyogo

Hyogo University

Kansai University of Social Welfare

Kounan Women's University

Kansai College of Nursing and Medical Care

Kobe City College of Nursing

Nishinomiya City Medical Association College of Nursing


Osaka Public University

Takarazuka University

Aino University


Setsunan University


Hokkaido University of Science

Aomori prefecture

Hirosaki University

Iwate prefecture

Morioka College of Nursing and Medical Care

Yamanashi prefecture

Teikyo Yamanashi College of Nursing

Kyoritsu College of Higher Nursing

Niigata prefecture

Niigata College of Medical Technology

Miyagi prefecture

Sendai Akamado Junior College

Tohoku University Graduate School

Gunma prefecture

Takasaki University of Health and Welfare

Tochigi prefecture

Dokkyo Medical University College of Nursing

Nagano prefecture

Iida Women's Junior College

Okayama prefecture

Okayama University Graduate School

Asahi Medical University

Tamano Comprehensive Medical College

Shimane prefecture

Shimane Prefectural Matsue High School of Nursing

Shimane Prefectural Ishimi College of Higher Nursing

Yamaguchi prefecture

Yoshimizu Hospital Nursing Academy

Oshima College of Nursing

Kouchi prefecture

Kochi Prefectural University

Kagawa prefecture

Shikoku Medical College

Ehime prefecture

Human Environment University

Miyazaki prefecture

Miyazaki Prefectural College of Nursing

Oita prefecture

Oita Prefectural University of Nursing Science

Fukuoka prefecture

Teikyo University Fukuoka Campus

Kurume University

Omuta Medical Association College of Nursing

Chikushi College of Nursing

Kumamoto prefecture

Kyushu University of Nursing and Welfare

Kagoshima prefecture

Kagoshima College of Medical Technology

More than 250 schools, including the above facilities (as of June 2022)