教育用電子カルテ Rehabilitation-Medi-EYE

“ Rehabilitation-Medi-EYE ”Service Overview

Beyond Rehabilitation Practice
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This is a demo version of a student account. (Sample case will be displayed. After this agreement, an administrator account will be issued all functions are available).

“ What’s Rehabilitation-Medi-EYE? ”

“Rehabilitation-Medi-EYE is an educational electronic health record (EHR) ideal for nursing practice and training.” ※Patent No. 7087228

  • Real

    Gather information from educational EHR. Selects necessary information from a vast amount of information and makes clinical judgments and inferences. Reproduce realistic time lapse by setting the date of admission and hospitalization lapse date.

  • Simple

    Educational EHR operate over the web browser. No special software installation is required. Available immediately after account registration. The medical record system is updated as needed.

  • Wealth

    Fictitious patient charts created by physical therapists, occupational therapists, and others, with experts as supervisors. It has a volume of information close to that of clinical practice, and can be used in various fields, exercises, and practical training. Simulated cases are added as needed.

  • Freedom

    Preset simulated cases can be modified and added independently for each account. A dedicated Excel sheet can be downloaded, edited and imported into Rehabilitation-Medi-EYE. New patient data can be created and added. It is also up to you to set up study assignments.

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Intended for use in hybrid training, on-campus exercises, etc.

At the request of educational institutions for training physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists
The service was launched in February 2022.

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    “Product Information”
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    “User's Guide”
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    “Case Summary”
  • Rehabilitation-Medi-EYE
    “About Excel File Editing”

Rehabilitation-Medi-EYE Supervisor

Shinichi Takahata Koji Suzuki Kazumi Hirayama
Kyoto Tachibana University, Faculty of Health Science Department of Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Aino University Yamagata Prefectural University of Health Care and Medicine, Department of Occupational Therapy
Professor Professor Professor
Akio Kikuchi Masaharu Yoshio Masashi Uchiyama
Yamagata Prefectural University of Health Care and Medicine, Department of Occupational Therapy Senri Rehabilitation Hospital Kasugai Cyberknife Rehabilitation Hospital
Professor Associate Dean Director of Speech Therapy

※We appreciate your advice in product development, performance and functionality evaluation prior to product release, guidance in creating mock cases, and supervision of cases at the time of product release.

  • Eligibility for admission

    (Account registration is required to use this service.)
    Membership registration is limited to those related to physical therapist, occupational therapist, and speech-language pathologist training educational institutions. Please be advised that we may contact you for confirmation.
    After registering an account, you will be asked to select your preferred service plan.
    ID will be issued by our company. You can change your password by yourself after the registration is completed.
    Account registration is required to agree to the Membership Agreement.

    To register, click here How to register an account

“ Service Plans and Fee Structure ”

Corporate members are eligible.

You must register as a "corporation" (for use by organizations and faculties).
“ The term of use is one year after signing the contract. ”
Administrator accounts can be shared within the university, and student accounts can be issued without restriction.
There is no additional charge.

※In accordance with the mandatory display of the total amount of consumption tax from April 2021, we have shifted the price display on the Medi-LX website from "prices excluding tax" to "prices including tax.

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Rehabilitation Pack 108,900 JPY(tax included) / year

※The fee structure will be revised on March 1, 2024 to accommodate the increase in the number of cases.
※After account registration, you can use the service for one year from the date you wish to start using the service (you can start using the service within two business days after application).
※Service can be suspended after 2 months of registration.

“ Billing and Payment ”

※Payment by bank transfer only. Click here for the quotation form
※As an environmentally friendly activity in the SDG Action Plan, forms are issued electronically, so pdfs are the originals.

1. Decide in advance which e-mail address you would like to register for your account
(Since the administrator account will be shared, we recommend that you use an email address that can be shared within the university, or an office email address, etc.)

2. Register an account from "Click here to register" on our Rehabilitation-Medi-EYE service overview page.

3. You will receive an invitation to register at the e-mail address you entered on the temporary registration page.
(If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder.)

4. Please select your desired package, payment method, and desired start date from the information on this registration.
※We will confirm the pack you have applied for for both new subscriptions, subscription renewals.
※Newly registered users can use the service for one year from the start date (service can be started within 2 business days after application).
※You will receive an email notification of account renewal 2 months prior to the account expiration date.

Rehabilitation-Medi-EYE introduction