VR specializing in nursing education.
Using VR content developed in collaboration with experts in pedagogy and nursing, the The introduction of digital media simulation + reflection
Effective exercises can be realized.

Educational VR Kit for "Medi-EYE" Features

Linking VR and Medi-EYE together for realism and an authentic learning experience.

  • Feature1

    Bridging the gap between knowledge and actual competency through digital media simulation with VR

    VR scenarios linked to simulated cases in each Medi-EYE area are available. The immersive experience provided by the VR goggles allows participants to experience the "reality of nursing" and improve their clinical decision-making skills. ※Scenarios other than Adult Acute and Chronic / Geriatric cases will be added as they become available.

  • Feature2

    Facilitation guide to support effective exercise design

    For instructors who utilize the Educational VR Kit for Medi-EYE in their classes, we have prepared a facilitation guide and exercise guide to maximize learning effectiveness, under the supervision of pedagogical experts. The accompanying facilitation guide allows you to conduct effective exercises immediately.

  • Feature3

    Intuitive operation with a single tablet

    Learner VR goggles can be controlled all at once using a tablet (content selection, playback, stop). The learner's point of view can be checked on a dedicated tablet for effective feedback.


Educational VR Kit Supervisor
for Medi-EYE

Misako Kitae Buyo Momoko Masayo Yoneda Ayako Nishimura
Tokyo University of Health Sciences Wakayama School of Nursing Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University Ishikawa Prefectural College of Nursing, School of Nursing Tokyo University of Health Care and Health Sciences, School of Nursing
Adult Nursing Mental Health Nursing Women's Health Nursing Fundamental Nursing
Professor Professor Professor associate professor
Chiharu Kawakami Junko Honda Jun Funaki
St. Luke's International University, Graduate School of Nursing University of Hyogo, School of Nursing Simulation Center, Aichi Medical University School of Medicine
Geriatric Nursing Pediatric Nursing
associate professor associate professor lecturer
Mari Azuma Kazuaki Naya Mio Naito
Tenri Medical University Faculty of Medicine Tokyo Medical and Health University Wakayama School of Nursing M.A. in Education, Columbia University
Adult Nursing Adult Nursing
lecturer Teaching Assistants Bachelor of Education

Frequently Asked Questions

Internet is not required.Connect the tablet to the VR goggles via the included router.

It depends on the VR goggles you own.

Please contact us.

Basically, it is a dedicated machine.
Please consult with us for possible solutions in some cases depending on the situation.

Delivery usually takes about 2 to 3 weeks.
Please contact us if you are in a hurry.