VR for nursing education.
Using VR content developed in collaboration with experts in education and nursing, the introduction of digital media simulation offers optimal effective exercises and learning opportunities.

Educational VR Kit for Medi-EYE Features

Combining VR and the Medi-EYE platform to create an authentic and valuable learning experience.

  • Feature1

    Bridge the gap between knowledge and practical appliction through VR simulation.

    VR scenarios linked to simulated cases in each Medi-EYE subject, offer immersive experience provided by the VR goggles. This allows participants to be immersed and improve their clinical problem solving skills.

  • Feature2

    Instructional course guide for classroom exercises.

    Educational experts have have prepared a facilitation guide and exercise guide for instructors who utilize the Educational VR Kit for Medi-EYE in their classes. The accompanying guide allows instructors to conduct effective exercises with an easy to follow learning plan.

  • Feature3

    Intuitive single tablet operation.

    VR goggles can be controlled using a tablet for content selection, playback, stop. The student's POV can be viewed on the tablet for effective instructor feedback.

Introduction Movie

Medi-EYE VR Kit Supervisors

Misako Kitae Momoko Buyo Masayo Yoneda Junko Honda
Tokyo University of Health Sciences Wakayama School of Nursing Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University Ishikawa Prefectural College of Nursing, School of Nursing University of Hyogo, Research Institute of Nursing Care for People and Community
Adult Nursing Mental Health Nursing Women's Health Nursing
Professor Professor Professor Professor
Ayako Nishimura Chiharu Kawakami Mari Azuma
Tokyo University of Health Care and Health Sciences, School of Nursing St. Luke's International University, Graduate School of Nursing Tenri University, Faculty of Medicine, School of Nursing
Fundamental Nursing Geriatric Nursing Adult Nursing
Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor
Jun Funaki Kazuaki Naya Mio Naito
Simulation Center, Aichi Medical University School of Medicine Tokyo Medical and Health University Wakayama School of Nursing M.A. in Education, Columbia University
Adult Nursing
Lecturer Lecturer Master of Education

Frequently Asked Questions

An internet connection is not required. You can connect the tablet to the VR goggles with the included router.

Possible depending on the model; if you have an HMD, we can sell only the VR control system and video content.

Please contact us regarding specific requests.

The Medi-EYE VR Kit is a dedicated machine. You can reach out to our team to discuss available use options adjacent to our regular VR programs.

Delivery usually takes two to three weeks.
Please contact us for rush orders.

It is possible. You can purchase each pack using the form above. Please contact us for a quote.

Medi-EYE×VR Introduction Facility Sample

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