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Medi-EYE Service Overview

Beyond nursing clinical judgement
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What Is Medi-EYE?

Medi-EYE is an educational electronic health record (EHR) for nursing students.

  • Real Time

    Gather information from educational EHR. Experience the nursing process in real-time, using hospitalization dates and ongoing progress logs to make assessments in a clinical environment.

  • Accessible

    Educational EHR is available in-browser with no additional software required, as an up-to-date medical records system.

  • Comprehensive

    Simulated patient charts created by Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. There is a volume of information at a level near clinical practice which can be used in a variety of areas, exercises, and practical training. Simulated cases are added as needed. Roughly 100 cases are currently available.

  • Flexible

    Preset simulated cases can be modified and added independently for each account. New patient data can be created and added. It is also up to you to set up study assignments.

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Intended for use in hybrid training, on-campus exercises and related programs

Nursing students and other medical students, and educational institutions, hospitals, and related companies and organizations.
The service was launched in November 2020.

  • Medi-EYE Case Summary Download

    ※Medi-EYE user guide and other documentation is available for download via administrator account login.

Medi-EYE Supervisors

Masayo Yoneda Misako Kitae Momoko Buyo
Ishikawa Prefectural College of Nursing, School of Nursing Tokyo University of Health Sciences Wakayama School of Nursing Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine
Women's Health Nursing Adult Nursing Mental Health Nursing
Professor Professor Professor
Ayako Nishimura Jun Funaki Keiko Koike
Tokyo University of Health Care and Health Sciences, School of Nursing Simulation Center, Aichi Medical University School of Medicine Saitama Medical University Junior College Department of Nursing
Fundamental Nursing Home Health Care Nursing
Professor Lecturer Lecturer

※We appreciate your advice in product development, performance and functionality evaluation prior to product release, guidance in creating mock cases, and supervision of cases at the time of product release.

  • Eligibility

    Account registration is required.
    Membership registration is limited to medical universities, medical colleges, medical graduate schools, medical professionals, and related parties who cooperate with our Web site. Upon registration, you will be prompted to select a service plan. Password changes can be managed within your account, using the ID issued after registration.

    To register, click here How do I register?
  • Membership Agreement

    ※Membership Agreement updated on August 19, 2021

    Click here for membership terms and conditions

Service Plans

Institutional Eligibility

Application by Institutional-users is available by selecting 'Corporation' during the registration process.
One year of service begins on the day of account activation.
※Multi-year contracts are available to meet budget execution.

No restrictions on issuance of both faculty and student accounts.There are no additional fees.

※As of April 2021, in accordance with the mandatory display of total consumption tax, the price displayed on the Medi-LX site has been updated from prices excluding tax to prices including tax.
Prices include tax, but please be assured that there will be no change in the price of our services.

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plan Individual Packs All pack
Adult Acute/Chronic 88,000JPY (tax included) / year 297,000JPY (tax included) / year
Fundamental 88,000JPY (tax included) / year
Gerontological 55,000JPY (tax included) / year
Women's Health 55,000JPY (tax included) / year
Child_Health 55,000JPY (tax included) / year
Mental Health 55,000JPY (tax included) / year

※After account registration, service is available for one year from the desired start date (service can begin within two business days after application).
※Service can be suspended after 2 months of completion of registration.


We accept bank transfer and credit card payment. ※ Pay-easy and convenience store payments are no longer available. ※Credit card payment is free of charge. Request a quote ※As an environmentally friendly activity in the SDG Action Plan, forms are issued electronically, so pdfs are the originals. If you need a written form, we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation to print it out and use it.
If you would like us to mail it to you, please contact us. (In case of mailing, we will charge an additional 340 yen per envelope. Please understand.)
Bank transfer fees will be charged for bank transfers.
In principle, we do not issue receipts.
In the case of mail order, the following documents are recognized as official receipts for tax purposes: credit card statement for credit card payment.

The debit will be made at the end of each month and will be deducted in the following month or three months after the end of the month. The date of debit depends on your credit card company.

1. Choose a primary e-mail address There will be one administrator, so please register the secretariat or a representative.
※If you subscribe to more than one individual package at the same facility, you will need to separate your account = email address for your convenience.
Please register a representative for each package you wish to use.
2. To register, click the link in the Medi-EYE service overview page Click here to register 3. You will recieve an e-mail confirmation with instructions on how to complete your registration. Check your spam folder if you do not see anything in your primary inbox. 4. Select the desired plan, payment method, and start-date. ※Our team will follow up with you to confirm the selected plan for new subscriptions and renewals, and pack changes.
※Please allow two business days for account registration, after which the user may choose the date of service activation.
※Two months prior to the account expiration date, you will receive an email notification giving you the option to renew.

Introduction: Medi-EYE