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  • Notification2021/09/19 13:30
    Zubokan," a book on nursing practice for students who are lazy, which our company's representative also contributed to as a supervisor, has been published.

Shorinsha has published a book on nursing practice, which our company's representative also contributed to as a supervisor.
*The following information is from the official website.

The "definitive guide to practical training" is now available from "NURSING ROO! BOOKS"!
Huge amount of nursing practice preparation. All subjects in one book!
The author, a former nursing student and current nurse, interviewed expert nurses in various wards and compiled this book with illustrations of pressure points that should be kept in mind.

I don't know what I should do to prepare for the practical training..."
I don't know what kind of conversations to have with patients in each ward..."
I'm too nervous to report to the nurses and I don't do it well..."
An answer book that carefully addresses these concerns!

The loose illustrations and cartoons are easy to understand, so you can read it easily even if you are "practicing tomorrow" or "very sleepy.
Even a sloppy student can get by with this!
The definitive book on nursing practice preparation is now available.

Click on the image below for the link (Go to the purchase site: Amazon)