Notation based on the Medi-EYE
Specified Commercial Transactions Law



Medi-LX Inc.

sales manager

Ryo Ikebe


448-1 Kuki-cho, Izumi-s City, Osaka 594-1126

For inquiries, please contact


selling price

The fee varies depending on the service you use.
The price is listed for each service.

Fees other than the product price

consumption tax
For bank transfers: Transfer fee

Product delivery time

We will confirm your new plan within 2 business days, and your new service will be available as soon as we receive the confirmation.

Payment Method

bank transfer
Credit card payment

Returns and Cancellations

You may cancel your service by selecting the "Stop Service" option on your account page.

Return and Cancellation Deadlines

There is no cancellation deadline.
Service suspension" will be available from 2 months after registration.

Return feed

Because of the digital nature of the content, once paid, fees are non-refundable, unless otherwise specified in the Membership Agreement.