教育用電子カルテ Medi-EYE Global

Medi-EYE Global is an educational electronic health record (EHR) ideal for nursing clinical judgement.

  • Real Time

    Gather information from educational EHR. By making assessments, the nursing process is experienced in a manner equivalent to real clinical practice. Realistic time lapse is reproduced by setting the date of hospitalization and the date of the hospitalization progress.

  • Accessible

    Educational EHR operate over the web browser. No special software installation is required. Available immediately after account registration. The medical record system is updated as needed.

  • Comprehensive

    Simulated patient charts created by Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. It has a volume of information at a level close to clinical practice, and can be used in a variety of areas, exercises, and practical training. Over 80 cases are available.

  • Flexible

    Preset simulated cases can be modified for each account. It is also up to you to set up study assignments.

Linked Services

F.CESS nurse
In conjunction with Medi-EYE, the program allows students to write nursing care plans and file nursing records for simulated cases while providing guidance on student submissions. An e-portfolio function is also included.

The goal of Smart Nursing Education is to develop better nursing professionals and improve the quality of on the job training. Nursing curriculum is highly dense and it's difficult to strike a balance between education, practice, and research. We constantly hear about these stresses from nursing faculty members. We thought about what we could do to best respond to these as educators.